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Surgical Procedures


Facelift: A cosmetic surgical procedure that addresses loose skin, age lines, and facial wrinkles, creating a more youthful appearance.

Silhouette Instalift: A minimally invasive option that involves injecting PDO threads into the face or neck. These threads are lifted to provide instead mechanical rejuvenation, and the increase in collagen production also creates gradual natural rejuvenation.

Facial Implants: Implants placed to improve the definition and volume of areas like the cheeks, chin, and jawline.

Rhinoplasty: A way to alter the bone, cartilage, and soft tissue of the nose in order to create cosmetic and/or functional improvements.

Revision Rhinoplasty: A procedure performed to correct issues stemming from a previous nasal surgery.

Brow Lift: Also called a forehead lift, this cosmetic surgery is used to eliminate forehead wrinkles while lifting sagging eyebrows.

Neck Lift: A surgical procedure performed to eliminate sagging neck skin, tighten drooping neck muscles, and remove excess neck fat. A neck lift can remove a double chin and a turkey wattle neck, resulting in a more youthful, in-shape, and contoured appearance.

Eyelid Surgery: Also known as blepharoplasty or an eye lift, eyelid surgery tightens sagging eyelids, smooths out puffy eyelids, and removes fine eyelid wrinkles.

Chin Surgery: A term for types of procedures that can either reduce or augment the appearance of the chin. It can involve reshaping of bones and muscles or insertion of an implant.

Ear Reshaping: Technically known as otoplasty surgery, this cosmetic option can be performed to correct a number of aesthetic issues with the ears. It often involves changes to the cartilage and soft tissue of the ears.

Earlobe Repair: A simple and effective way to surgically address torn or overly sagging earlobes.


Asymmetric Breast Correction: Breast augmentation or reduction used to correct size asymmetry between the breasts.

Autologous Breast Augmentation: Also referred to as fat transfer breast augmentation, this procedure involves liposuction to harvest stubborn excess fat from an area. After the fat is purified, it is transferred to the breasts to increase volume and fullness.

Breast Augmentation: The placement of silicone or saline breast implants in order to increase the breasts’ size and projection.

Breast Lift: The removal of excess skin from the breasts to reduce sagging and improve perkiness. Areola size and position can also be addressed.

Breast Reconstruction: A procedure used to restore the natural appearance of the breasts following mastectomy surgery. Breast reconstruction can involve the use of flap techniques or breast implant placement.

Breast Reduction: When excessive breast size and weight is causing physical and/or social issues, this procedure can reduce breast weight and improve quality of life.

Explant Surgery: Breast explant surgery removes a patient’s breast implants (and sometimes the scar-tissue capsule that forms around implants).

Inverted Nipple Correction: A minor surgical procedure that corrects inverted nipples.

Revision Breast Surgery: This breast procedure allows Dr. Sabry to address a variety of problems caused by a previous breast augmentation surgery. It can help to resolve medical issues and cosmetic issues.

Tuberous Breast Correction: When a patient has elongated tuberous breasts, this corrective procedure can achieve size and contour changes to give them a more normal appearance.


Liposuction: A method of permanently removing excess stubborn fatty tissue using a tool called a cannula (a thin tube with a sharp end) and medical suction.

Tummy Tuck: This cosmetic body procedure creates a slimmer and fitter abdomen by reducing excess fat, trimming away drooping skin, and tightening the abdominal-wall muscles.

Mommy Makeover: A comprehensive package of various procedures meant to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy body.

Arm Lift: Also known as brachioplasty, the arm lift removes hanging skin and excess fat from the upper arms, making them look more sculpted and contoured.

Thigh Lift: Also called a thighplasty, this cosmetic surgery makes the thighs look tighter and firmer by reducing excess sagging skin and stubborn fat.

Body Lift: A comprehensive method of reducing a great deal of hanging skin and fat from several areas of the body, including the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.

Post Weight Loss: After dramatic weight loss, the resulting sagging skin and pockets of stubborn fat can be effectively addressed using this type of surgery.


Craniofacial – Intro: Dr. Sabry’s expertise in craniofacial reconstruction allows him to address numerous congenital and trauma-related skull and facial abnormalities.

BWS Syndrome: For children with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, Dr. Sabry can perform tongue reduction surgery to improve quality of life and prevent dentoskeletal deformities.

Jacob’s Journey: Learn about Jacob, a child that Dr. Sabry treated with tongue reduction surgery, and find out more about his incredible story.


Scar Revision: These procedures reduce the appearance of a scar to make the area blend in with the surrounding skin. Minimally invasive, non-invasive, and surgical methods are available.

Autologous Fat Transfer: This form of surgery involves removal of excess fat with liposuction. Once it has been processed, this fat is used to add volume to regions like the cheeks, backs of the hands, the buttocks, and the breasts. It can also lessen the appearance of pitted acne scars.

Male Plastic Surgery

Male Breast Reduction: Gynecomastia (the condition of having enlarged male breasts) can be resolved quickly and effectively with the help of this plastic surgery procedure.

Male Face Lift: Men experiencing signs of facial aging undergo this surgical procedure to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin.

Male Liposculpture: A way to reduce love handles, a spare tire, back fat, and more, restoring a fitter physique.

Male Rhinoplasty: To improve the appearance and/or functionality of the male nose, male rhinoplasty can be performed.

Male Tummy Tuck: This procedure gives men a fit and toned abdomen by getting rid of excess fat and skin while tightening the sagging abdominal muscles.

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